Super Juice Love Party Sounds

Its the 42nd Album by Hank29, listen to it HERE

or just listen to the whole collection……

with over 800 songs to choose from, there still may be nothing you actually like, but just in case you want to check something out without wading through the swamp, have a look at the handpicked fruits. Watch out for the pips.


we are hank twentynine


Based in Leeds, Hank29 are the collective ramblings of Andy Renshaw & Phil Holden, sometimes joined by Nulsh and Tony, weather permitting.

They have been creating odds and ends of tunes since sometime around the turn of the century and show little sign of letting up despite all probability that this would be the case.


Andy RENSHAW - Vocals, guitars, drums & stuff

Phil holden - bass, vocals, guitars, mandolin

neil hood - guitars, vocals, harmonica, banjo

tony hamill - guitars, vocals, whistles, stylophone & house cocktails




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A little bit of background....


Hank29 formed in 1998 after the departure of the Mighty Mark from the second incarnation of THOK.

Through numerous line up changes, fights and apathy they finally settled as the duo of Chief and Andy. Perfectly matched with their occasional addition from the far Northern territories of Nulsh and Tony, they record consistently their own drivel for no particularly purpose.

In a leap year, they may be found playing a rare live acoustic set, but don't hold your breath waiting for it.

artwork on these pages  by the mighty


To hear the vast back catalog of toons over the years feel free to click the link


Here there be photos....

lots and lots of photos as far as the eye can see

The Wicker Cowboys

recording Album 42

Hank & Kim

The Return to Coanwood to record Album 40

Finishing at Stetson3

Cthulhu Balaclava

Session 1 at Aikin Cumbria

The Curse

of the Mallerstang