Cthulhu Balaclava_R.jpg

Cthulhu Balaclava

by Hank29

All tracks written and recorded by Hank29 at Aikin Cumbria and Stetson3 Leeds, between March and July 2017.

Live version of 'Now that i won't' recorded at Carnival of Bastards, Leeds, Sept 2017.

Andy Renshaw - Vocals, guitars, mandolin, piano, banjo, Uke & drums
Phil Holden - Vocals, bass, guitar, mandolin & percussion
Tony Hamill - Guitars & piano
Neil Hood - Guitar, vocals & banjo

featuring :

Bill Easel - drums
Orliez - piano on 'now that i won't'
Chloe Holden - The Nulshy Cheerleader
Blues Barney - extra guitar on 'Now that i won't (live)'
Liam - Harmonica on 'Dying Wasp Stomp'
Luis David Bonilla - additional guitar on 'When it rains'
Carlos Timaure - lead guitar on 'i fought the dark'

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